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Addiction Treatment

Many people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, have managed to get back a normal life with the help of organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other outpatient and residential clinics that are devoted to addiction treatment.

Out of the millions of adults and teenagers addicted to drugs or alcohol, only about 1 in 10 get treatment, out of which some fail to get clean or stay clean. The first step in addiction treatment is for the person to decide to make a change. For drug addicts the biggest challenge is to take the first step towards recovery, i.e. deciding that they need to make a change and that they want treatment.

The next step would be to see a general physician. Physicians give advice about sensible drinking and may use counseling as a resource. They may also refer national support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous. These groups help addicts deal with their addiction.

Addiction treatment is customized to suit the individual's needs. There are several proven treatments that are generally used. Typical treatment includes therapy in combination with medication. Cognitive behavior treatments are used because they are known to work well with addiction issues.

Professional counsel the addicted individuals and find out how they see their future, what they obstacles they envision, and how they feel they can deal with those obstacles. Through this process they are able to plan how the individual can face difficult situations through the process of de-addiction. In addition to treatment programs, treatment includes support from family and friends. Through all this, they aim to achieve their end goal, which is abstinence.

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