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Harm Reduction

It refers to a set of programs, practices, and policies that are aimed at reducing the adverse health, economic and social consequences of illegal and legal usage of drugs, without specifically decreasing the drug intake. Harm reduction is very beneficial for individuals who are on drugs and also their families.

Harm reduction Benefits
People who use substances and their family can greatly benefit from harm reduction. This is what harm reduction can do for those who use substances:

  • Reduce the risk of overdose death in those who use substances.
  • Reduce injecting frequency and educate about sharing needles.
  • Reduce the use of equipments for substance abuse, and sharing of needles.
  • Reduce injecting drugs in public places.
  • Educate about safe sex and sexual health.
  • Reduce crime related to substance abuse.
  • Increase employment among those who use substances.
  • Increase the number of substance users attending treatment programs.
  • Reduce hepatitis and HIV infection

Through harm reduction, individuals who use substances find it easier to get help. These services are made available for all those use substances at any stage of use. The services include connecting the individuals to primary or other health care services, outreach, and helping them with substance dependence treatment. These individuals who use substances are encourages to take part in harm reduction activities which keep them involved in their own health by keeping them associated with the health system. Harm reduction brings people to a realization so that they are able to improve their quality of life.

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