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Contra Rotary Mixer

We are engaged in the manufacture of Contra Rotary Mixture used for the manufacture of ointments. The mixture
contains double contra rotary blades that create a laminar thinning of the material to ensure uniform mixing.

The mixture is enriched with the following unique features :
  • Vacuum Operated
  • Agitated
  • Jacketed suitable for Steam heating
The design of the Contra Rotary Mixture is perfect to withstand the vacuum created during the process of mixing. Further, these also eliminate air entrapment to prevent the foaming agent from forming suds. Mixer is provided with jacket for cooling or heating as per the application. Contra Rotary Mixture, Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of Contra Rotary Mixture
Contra Rotary Mixture (PE CRM)
Model Batch Size in kgs
PE CRM 5X 50
PE CRM 10X 100
PE CRM.25X 250
PE CRM 35X 350
PE CRM 50X 500
PE CRM 75X 750
PE CRM 10C 1000
PE CRM 15C 1500
PE CRM 20C 2000
PE CRM 25C 2500
PE CRM 50C 5000
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