Formulations - Prefilled Syringes (Injectables)
  Product Name Generic Name And Strength Pack Size Dosage Form
1 Atropine (Prefilled Syringes)

Each ml contains 0.6mg of atropine sulphate 

- Prefilled Syringe
2 Buprenorphine (Prefilled Syrings)

Each ml contains 0.3mg of Buprenorphine as Base

- Prefilled Syringe
3 Nalbuphine Injection (Prefilled Syringes)

Each ml contains: Nalbuphine Hydrochloride 10mg and 20mg

- Prefilled Syringe
4 Naloxone Injection (Prefilled Syringes)

Each ml contains 40 microgram of Naloxone Hydrochloride(1ML AND 2ML) 

- Prefilled Syringe